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Learn Professional Photography


Be a Cinematographer

May 26 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #cinematography, #iipedu, #photography

If you have good hand-eye coordination, passion for photography and oodles of creativity, you can become a cinematographer that the industry needs. With the increase in the number of feature, advertisement & documentary film production companies, and...

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Diploma in Photography

May 26 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #photography, #iipedu, #diploma in phototography

The ability to use a camera and take photographs that capture people's imagination is a great skill to have with many employment opportunities. Indian Institute of Photography's Dual Diploma program will help develop this expertise. What’s unique about...

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Job Opportunities of BFA in Photography

March 23 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #job in photography, #iipedu, #bfa in photography

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Photography Conducted at state-of-the-art Wi-Fi campus/studios of IIP Academy at Noida, Delhi - India, this is the most rigorous & professional photography course conducted in Regular batches.This program is from Govt. Recognized,...

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What is the career in photography?

March 18 2016 , Written by IIP EDU - Noida , India Published on #career in photography?, #iipedu, #bfa in photography

Depending on the job, you’ll still need to put in plenty of hours of independent work, freelancing or even working for free to build up experience. 1- Forensic photographer Of course, you’ll need more than just photography skills to get involved with...

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Professional Photography Institute in India

March 14 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #photography, #professional, #indian institute of photography, #iipedu

Indian Institute of Photography (IIP) managed by National Education And Research Foundation is India’s first Photography Institute with a unique educational system based on IIP Education Academy. Advanced Photography Course 1 -8 Sunday (HDR, Panoramas...

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