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Fashion Photography

November 30 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #fashion Photography, #iip academy, #noida, #delhi, #diploma in fashion photography, #photography

An abuzz surroundings of fashion photography is not the everyone’s cup of tea but a few who want to flourish in this. We, at IIP make you prepare, in our one-year Diploma in Fashion Photography so you cannot miss any shot photographing the models. The...

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Smile International Film Festival For Children And Youth

August 20 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #film festival, #iip academy, #siffcy and iip

IIP Academy in association with smilefoundation and siffcy FilmFestival (Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth) celebrated the much revered World Photography Day with the smiling and passionate students of Mission Education centre -...

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Be a Cinematographer

May 26 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #cinematography, #iipedu, #photography

If you have good hand-eye coordination, passion for photography and oodles of creativity, you can become a cinematographer that the industry needs. With the increase in the number of feature, advertisement & documentary film production companies, and...

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Diploma in Photography

May 26 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #photography, #iipedu, #diploma in phototography

The ability to use a camera and take photographs that capture people's imagination is a great skill to have with many employment opportunities. Indian Institute of Photography's Dual Diploma program will help develop this expertise. What’s unique about...

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Travel Photography – IIP Academy of Photography

April 28 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #Travel Photography, #IIP Academy of Photography

“I enjoy traveling and recording far-away places and people with my camera. But I also find it wonderfully rewarding to see what I can discover outside my own window. You only need to study the scene with the eyes of a photographer”. - Alfred Eisenstaedt...

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Job Opportunities of BFA in Photography

March 23 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #job in photography, #iipedu, #bfa in photography

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Photography Conducted at state-of-the-art Wi-Fi campus/studios of IIP Academy at Noida, Delhi - India, this is the most rigorous & professional photography course conducted in Regular batches.This program is from Govt. Recognized,...

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What is the career in photography?

March 18 2016 , Written by IIP EDU - Noida , India Published on #career in photography?, #iipedu, #bfa in photography

Depending on the job, you’ll still need to put in plenty of hours of independent work, freelancing or even working for free to build up experience. 1- Forensic photographer Of course, you’ll need more than just photography skills to get involved with...

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Professional Photography Institute in India

March 14 2016 , Written by IIP EDU Published on #photography, #professional, #indian institute of photography, #iipedu

Indian Institute of Photography (IIP) managed by National Education And Research Foundation is India’s first Photography Institute with a unique educational system based on IIP Education Academy. Advanced Photography Course 1 -8 Sunday (HDR, Panoramas...

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